Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A couple of days ago Paul had a hair growing off of his ear, we are talking like a good inch this hair was sticking out. Just one hair all by its lonesome. Of course I reached in there and yanked it out. He screamed at me and said "Thanks a lot, now you have taking away my wisdom."

Yesterday Paul had one single hair growing on his chest, I know sad for him that he doesn't grow chest hair, but great for me.  Again, I yanked it out and he yelled "Great now you have taken my manliness too."

Poor Paul, I have not only stolen his wisdom, but now his manliness. Sounds like the perfect concoction for a marriage if you ask me. :)

Do you pick hairs off of your husbands too or am I just a big jerk?  I want to know.  I have to chase him around the house with tweezers and wax to do his eyebrows.


Mike said...

This is hilarious and troubling at the same time. My sympathies to Paul. I too have suffered at the hands of spousal tweezing. After having to run and fight to avoid the involuntary tweezing, I picked up the habit myself and now pull my own hairs at the worst possible times (meeting with clients or driving). I pull them to prevent having them pulled at home. Which hurts. One time she pulled a long hair from my lower back and it felt like it was a nerve ending attached to my spinal cord. The adrenalin rush almost resulted in domestic violence. It started with the shoulder and the neck. Next thing you know I was pulling all facial hair from my chin and upper lip as I couldn't stand missing a hair from the shave. Then I was pulling them at 5:00 as they started to grow out from the morning shave so they wouldn't be discovered at home. Hair pulling can be a simple grooming practice as it sounds you are describing, but it can also be a disorder stemming from anxiety. It's called trichotillomania. I love you guys, don't go down that road.

Left Coast Guy said...

The last time I looked my husband was no where to be seen...and I dont have tweezers last I looked. Could it be me? Where has he gone? Leah, what have you done with him?

I'm getting so confused...