Thursday, August 11, 2011

School Loans

 Yes I walked with Charlie. He sat in every class with me, my professors loved him, and so did my classmates and I felt he should walk with me as he is huge part of my life since he is my working dog.

Paul and I made a biggish dent in our school loans this week, mostly because we thought this particular loan wasn't accruing interest and then we found out that it had already accrued a whopping $1,000.  So we bit the bullet and paid off $17,000 towards our graduate degrees.  The next batch of loans don't start getting interest until November.

I am curious to know how you paid off your loans or if you are still paying off your loans?  Did you consolidate your loans into one and take out a small loan at a bank?  Our interest rate is high for loans a whooping 6.5%.  What is your interest rate and how do I make ours smaller?

I realize that my cap is on backwards in this picture. Argh! Still love it though.

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Heidi said...

Oliver consolidated all of his (51k) at 2.75% interest (some Westminster aid helped him while he was there) and then we paid them off over the last 3 years. We paid and paid and paid and then just since March we felt much like you - bit the bullet - and paid the last 21k. It's been a yucky road - but we're glad it's over. His rate dropped to 2% over the life of our loans for having direct pay out of our checking, paying on time for 3 years, paying more than the minimum, etc. We got all our info through the school so maybe they could help you get a lower rate...Also he rolled his graduate into his undergraduate which is why I think we had a lower that available to you?