Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OohLaLa! Apple, Cheddar, and Thyme Galette

Doesn't this look insanely yummy.  Since I don't cook (as you can read about HERE and HERE) I am going to ask Paul to kindly make this for me.  What a great dish for the fall. I realize it is only August, but I am already thinking of all things fall (pumpkins, soup, crisp air, autumn leaves). Jo at Little Jo Home I guess great minds think alike.

The recipe can be found on Fresh 365 blog.

PS.  Who does the cooking in your house?  Did anyone else marry an amazing chef to save them from the horrors of the kitchen?


*Jane Lee* said...

Leah, you and I share the same luxury in wifehood - not having to cook. Ever. I've been married almost 9 years (on Wednesday) and in that time, I've cooked dinner 4, maybe 5 times. It's not that I can't cook; it's that I just don't enjoy it at all. Chris LOVES to cook. Why would I rob him of that? Now that I have kids, I "cook" for them. Cooking is a really loose term I use for putting together breakfast and lunch. The kids are still alive, so I'm not too horrible at what I can create. Lucky us for not having to stand in front of the oven every day!!

Paul said...

Glad to know Im worth something around here... galettes for dinner!