Thursday, August 19, 2010

Attack of the Escalator 2...Eddie Bauer

Valiant readers, do you remember the post about Paul's toe being cut on the escalator in Eddie Bauer while we were visiting Chicago? If you don't remember or want to check it out click here Attack of the Escalator.

I would just like to say that Eddie Bauer has really surprised me with their response to this situation. At first when Paul cut his toe, I was really nervous because they didn't have a first aid kit in the store and they were scrambling around to find the right person for us to talk to. Eddie Bauer assured us that they would pay our medical bill if we would just go to the hospital. I was skeptical of this, seeing as we were visiting from out of town and I wasn't sure how good our insurance would be, and was envisioning us having to take them to court or something to pay for our $2000 bill or something ridiculous.

The following day we receive a call from the head of their compliance department informing us that Eddie Bauer would pay our medical bill and already had our accident report. We just needed to send them our bill and they would take care of it. So we received our bill today for $497.53 ( I am surprised it is so small) and Paul called them up and lo and behold, they really are going to pay the bill and give Paul a gift card to Eddie Bauer.

I will update you when the bill is paid and I am eager to see how big the gift card will be. I am going to put into the universe that it will be at least $200.

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