Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cotton Blossom--PMS relief

So today I was feeling like a crazy premenstrual brat (or other words that start with a "B") and even more so, I was acting like one, and I knew that if I didn't take some "Leah Time" soon then I would be stuck in my funk all day. I was driving around with Paul and told him to pull over cause it was necessary I walk back to the house we were staying at (it was about a mile away) and he was totally all for it---he couldn't pull over fast enough.

I just started walking home and fell upon this adorable little store called Cotton Blossom in Holladay, which is in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I walked inside to find this...
So I was already hooked by the fabulous decor

And I ended up buying this to wear with some cute tights or leggings (paid $18)

and this (a great hippie/bohemian shirt on sale for $18)

and this fabulous vintage looking belt

I am not suggesting using Retail Therapy as a means to fix premenstrual bitchiness, but I will say that I came home a whole new woman with a smile on my face.

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Em and Ty said...

Love that first shirt!