Friday, August 6, 2010

Non-Traditional Wedding Bouquets

Heading to Utah today for my friends big wedding and all this wedding talk has got me posting about weddings. Here is an interesting take on the traditional wedding bouquet that I quite like. It is something old, maybe borrowed, blue and even new. You also can keep it forever and use important family heirlooms. Tell me what you think?

Are they cute or ugly or just okay? Would you ever it do it or have done it for your own bouquet?

These are brooch bouquets
Designed by Fantasy Floral Designs and photography by Alice Hu
Vintage Brooch Bouquets non floral bouquet ideasunique wedding bouquet

And then here is the one made of material I posted earlier found on
I really love this one.

Click Here to see how to make this ribbon bouquet
diy fabric bouquet

To the even more unique....buttons bouquets.

And lastly, really big vegetables.

So what is the verdict, would you go non-traditional? Do you have any better non-traditional wedding bouquet suggestions?

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