Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cute Ice Cream Shop Wedding Photos

This one is for you Mama Stone.

My mother-in- law lives in Iowa in a very small town, where she expresses that there is nothing to do and I believe her. She is a talented photographer and I suggested that she take up wedding photography in Iowa and her comment was "what will I take pictures of in Iowa?" So I found this fun wedding montage off of a website called Ruffledblog.

I really love the polka-dot dress.

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candle, flower, book, receptiondance, polka dot, receptionice cream, dessert, receptionvintage car, polka dot, bride, red shoesbride, groom, water, portrait

So there you go- I thought it was cute and Shari this is a look at your new business idea.

If it wasn't for her dress I would have thought for sure this was a Mormon wedding since it was a bit cheesy and the groom looks a bit like a dorky Mormon boy and I am pretty sure they dressed up a cultural hall, but alas I just think it was a sweet small town wedding.


The Hunt's said...

I LOVE the polka dot dress. Oh how g's can ruin a perfectly good outfit.

Aimee said...

I thik I should get remarried just so I can have a photoshoot in a small town with "Dairy Freeze", a phone booth, and a pre 1960 truck :) Will you be my planner?

Shari said...

Aimee I'll take the pictures, Leah your great. I need to save the whole post somewhere so i can study it. How do I do that?