Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Fit Flop

First let me start off by saying that these are not your average ugly, orthopedic, grandmaesc type shoes. My love for these flip flops started back in the first part of July when I was in NYC helping a great organization called Art Schools Network with their board meeting. It was a scorching hot weekend and so the idea of climbing down into the subway was enough to make me nauseous, and the cabs can get expensive very quickly, so I brought my walking shoes with me everywhere I went. My feet got really hot in the tennis shoes and I kept wanting to keep my very flat and very unsupportive old navy flip flops on, which only led to extremely sore feet.

My friend had on these cute flip flops and told me that they are designed with the base of a tennis shoe, so the foot has support while walking, but with a cute top. I went on the website and found some pretty cute shoes.ElectraRiataFiorella

These are the ones I bought and I love them.
They are cute and I have received really great compliments on them, and I am not lying they totally work. My butt has never been perkier (well at least not since high school, those were the days!) and my abs hurt after a day of wearing them and my posture is better. They must be the wonder shoe :) They aren't my replacement for exercise, though I wish that were true, but I think they help keep me standing upright during the day and keep my feet from killing when I walk. They are great for people who walk lots of places, want to look cute, and need their feet to not kill.

This is what the fit flop makers claim the shoe does...

I am a believer.


Jana's Family said...

luv it! I actually saw your button this morning before you sent out the email about it being on youtube. Nice job. . . you go, Leah!

Aimee said...

listened to your song. Loved it with the pictures. :) Made me get teary eyed.... Then I saw the bra picture down below and I couldn't figure out how to comment on it. But I had a question... What does it mean if my moment in time stopped about the second bra over?