Saturday, August 21, 2010

Going To Another Wedding

Utah here we go again!
Paul's brother Robbie just announced that he will be getting married over Labor Day weekend, which means that Paul and I will be heading back West in 2 weeks. The wedding is a Vintage 1950's Garden Party. So now I have to find something to wear. Sarah-the soon to be Mrs. Robbie Stone-emailed me these photos as a reference as ideas of what to wear.

I know for sure that I wont wear that ridiculously gigantic bow on my head-so scratch that off the list.

I have scoured my closet and have thought that maybe one of these will work. I am posting to get your opinion. So don't be shy about the comments. Also, I am totally stoked cause maybe I can make my wedding hat after all and have somewhere to wear it. See post Wedding Hat for reference.
Wedding Hat

Outfit Options

this is really it enough of a garden party?

I just love this dress and have never worn it cause it is a bit, crazy, but maybe I could give it the right flare and wear it to a fun, garden wedding with lots of frills. Yes or no?

I could add the belt (it wouldn't stay on as it wasn't on a body)

I am not sure I like this cardigan on the dress.

Will any of these work???

Have a Great Weekend!


Aimee said...

the blue is sexy and you could totally pull it off. I also like the yellow, but without the cardigan. Or you could do the little dress with the blue belty thing. Love you! hope we can see you again, even if it is just short.

Annaliese & TJ said...

can't wait to see you, I agree with Aimee, I like the blue one or the one with the blue belt..

Leah Stone said...

do you two mean the blue one with the black lace?

Sarah said...

Leah. I've been looking through your blog and noticed your posts about the wedding. This makes me love you even more. And even though I was too out-of-it to say anything to you at the wedding, I LOVED the dress you chose and I loved the hat you wore to the breakfast.
New sis-in-law