Monday, August 23, 2010

guess the wedding couple

Married 41 Years

If you guessed my parents then you are correct. My hippie parents were wed on the 8th of June in 1969, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Tahoe. Look at my mom's beautiful legs ---they are so great.

This is the dress I was talking about that I would have loved to wear for my wedding, at least I think that now at the time I wanted a big dress that was beautiful too. (See post Vintage and Classic) I would have tried to match the lace on the waist and made cap sleeves out of it and added a little lace on the bottom to give it a little length to hit the top of my knees.

Wouldn't that have been great for a daughter to wear her mom's wedding dress? Did any of you wear your mom's wedding dress?

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Katelyn & Wade said...

I can barely stand this. Look how cute Mama and Papa Sutliff look! Her legs look just like yours...and I would rather lop off my left arm than wear my mother's wedding dress. It's a doozy!