Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Heart Utah

The adventure came to an end, like all great adventures do. (sigh) 12 days of being back Home was so heart warming and fabulous. We saw lots of friends and family. I would say the only thing that is hard about a trip like this is the non stop running from one place to another and the constant feeling of being tugged in every direction to see everyone and not hurt feelings. So if you are reading this post and saying "Damn Leah didn't call me to hang out," in my response I say, "I guess you need to be cooler." (hehe...please take no offense)

Some Highlights

Attended a great wedding and sang ...Click here for post with photos

Saw the mountains, oh how I love the mountains. My heart aches just thinking of them and how I don't get to look at them everyday.

Rented these crazy scooters, took the Snowbird tram, and rode them down Snowbird Ski Resort. Wicked fun.

Visited friends in Beaver, Utah

Saw the family and meet my new nephew Andrew Richardson (Rachel's 4th kid)

Played mini-golf with Paul's family

Oh Utah I will be seeing you again soon. Miss you already!


Annaliese & TJ said...

Loved seeing you guys! Miss you already & can't wait to see you again...PS how do I get Charlie's blog button? i can't find it on the page.

Leah Stone said...

Here is how you get the button help spread awareness of Service Dogs and Super Dog Charlie Pants.